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Make Your Integration Tests More Readable

Inspired by Kat Tornwall’s talk about integration tests with Elixir and Phoenix I did some clean up in my integration tests of my current Elixir project. Look how much more readable they are now.

DDD (with Elixir)

Pretty well done explanation of DDD

Regulatory Demands

We, as software developers, will face more and more regulatory demands. Business, government, laws will tell us how to do our work.

ruby 2.2.5, OS X 10.11.6, json, SimpleCov, Mutant

Today when updating my ruby to 2.2.5 I faced some troubles with updating my bundle. The error was

Agile Architecture

Uncle Bob Agile Architecture course from Ative on Vimeo.

What are the secrets to constructing a great agile architecture for your systems?
In his course on the topic, the globally know agile expert, Robert C Martin AKA “Uncle Bob” explains the contents of his course on this, and how it will benefit your team.

He teaches this course in Copenhagen: see the full description here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin/agile-architecture-and-design.aspx

See his other courses and schedule here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin.aspx

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Uncle Bob on How to Build a Great Software Development Team

Is TDD dead? – I hope not

At least in the OpenSource world, where not every contributor can be a 100% professional, I see no argument –and no way– that we can leave the path of TDD.


Just published an example of a test-driven coffeescript-application. Using Jasmine and HTML5-Canvas.

Jasmine, TDD, Coffeescript

Jasmine, TDD, Coffeescript

coffeemine is a template to start with your Jasmine-driven Coffeescript application.


This talk engaged me to think about how to talk and think about testing.

a tdd example of an objective c command line

A #TDD example of an Objective-C command line application.

How to deal with tests when you extract a HelperClass from already covered classes

Moving the test too or leave them where they are. I have concerns with both. See this post how I solved my dilemma.

Coffeescript to generate a 'Page-Index' to H1 and H2

If you interpret markdown within your web-application and you’re using jQuery and coffeescript, you may use this Coffeescript to automatically generate a clickable index for the (markdown) page.

obsessed by ttd and clean coding this week i

Obsessed by TTD and Clean Coding. This week I received my Green Band from Uncle Bob ;)

TDD On Mondays

TDD I love to start a week with 100% specs passed. So, Tuesday is the bad day of the week.

Howto use #capybara-webkit #Rspec in #rails on Mac OS Lion

I just switched the capybara-driver from selenium to webkit in my Rails 3.2.2 application / WAT