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home office in da sun what could be a better

Home office in da sun, what could be a better place to work.

today i gave my old macbook to my daughter and she

Today I gave my old macBook to my daughter and she removed all my stickers. Anyhow, I hacked so much beautyful code thus the “Hacking Beautyful Code”-sticker, I got from José Valim, will resist :)

metallic creatures invasion in gallneukirchen

Metallic Creatures Invasion in Gallneukirchen

new picture for the living room

New picture for the living room :)

my dear friend and soul mate it was such a

My dear friend and soul mate. It was such a pleasure being your friend. Rock In Peace.

tina nina friends presenting wwedu and modern

Tina Nina & Friends presenting WWEDU and modern media in education

thank you tina the fastest and sweetest birthday

Thank you Tina! The fastest and sweetest birthday wishes ever :D

darts world champion ship started covered by

Darts World Champion Ship started. (Covered by Sport1 in EU)

extending summer on inzula

Extending Summer on Inzula



dutiful tina even if parents didnt wake up after

dutiful Tina. Even if parents didn’t wake up after a long night at TST :) (Taken with Instagram)

im fliederbusch taken with instagram

Im Fliederbusch (Taken with instagram)

its unpacked und voiiiiiigaaaaaaaaaaas

It’s unpacked ….

Awesome Bunny

My daughter :D

find me now on aboutme

Find me now on about.me

Back to Austria

Back to Austria

I thought I’ll document RailsConf here but when I thought so, I didn’t know how exciting evenings and nights after each day would be :)

So, no more will come up on this site. But look at

hurray its summer

Hurray - It’s Summer!!

hurra der garten blüht der sommer bahnt sich an

Hurra, der Garten blüht, der Sommer bahnt sich an!