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While dedusting my physical bookshelf, I remembered myself to update my Goodread Account too ;-) My Bookshelf

Live YouTube Streams And Music

So annoying…


Allen Holub about "Frameworks"

Getting Real @ YouTube

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Your Avatar Matters!

Why the f* I have to spread “Why Your Avatar Matters” everytime I join a new environment ;-)

Work’n’Life - Meetups Linz

This week I did attend the kickoff meeting of Work'n'Life (like in Rock'n'Roll) at Factory 300 in Linz. The place (Tabakfabrik Linz) is gorgeous and the talks were impressive and very informative.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

More and more people in our industrie figure out what Leonardo Da Vinci already knows hundrets of years ago: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

wow time is passing so fast it is 6 years since

Wow, time is passing so fast. It is 6 years since I started this blog on tumblr. They just gave me this badge for the 250th post! :-)





Calendar Notifications Pop Up Every Hour On Your Mac?

Annoyed by Mac OS repeating calendar notifications every hour even when you already dismissed them?

SAFe Is Fake

For me it’s clear: the industry –any industry– is the death of any good idea. Also, industry isn’t made to think about individuals.

new picture for the living room

New picture for the living room :)

office pool open

Office Pool Open!

andreas altendorfers tumblr page turned 3 today

Andreas Altendorfer’s Tumblr page turned 3 today!

Water Balloon vs Cactus

Water Balloon vs Spiny Cactus from edgertronic on Vimeo.

700 frames/sec high speed video of a water balloon popped by a cactus. Taken with an edgertronic™ high speed video camera, video is 23.33X slower than real time.

More info at edgertronic.com

Excel: The Last Microsoft Office Stronghold

I really don’t care a lot about Office - I just never used it. Though I have to blame when (Austrian) schools forces children to buy (or thieve) Office to do stuff which could be done with a variety of free apps (in some cases easier than with Microsoft’s version.

Richard David Precht: Vergesst das Wissen!

Richard David Precht: Vergesst das Wissen!

Very relevant thoughts about how #education should work. Including, we should not waste our schools and universities for boring stuff you better learn at home (using resources like the internet and distance learning) [German]

no title

And the answer can be #OpenSource!

asterix at book store

Asterix at  Book-store

Use Wiki through your DNS

Cool tool. BTW: Where is Gopher?

darts world champion ship started covered by

Darts World Champion Ship started. (Covered by Sport1 in EU)

great product apple like painless installation

Great product. Apple-like, painless installation, easy to use, great results. http://inkling.wacom.com (Taken with Instagram)

Vernal Equinox

Happy Vernal Equinox everybody

a watch i as a developer can read 1529

A watch I (as a developer) can read … 15:29 ;-)

find me now on aboutme

Find me now on about.me

I'm so happy, my MacBook's HD crashed!

Now I’ve a 512GB SSD. That’s the pace I expect from my MacBook, wow!

Internet Explorer Still on Top, But Chrome Is Winning the Browser War

Internet Explorer Still on Top, But Chrome Is Winning the Browser War

Internet Explorer Still on Top, But Chrome Is Winning the Browser War
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the world’s most popular browser, but it and Mozilla’s Firefox lost a lot of market share to Google’s Chrome in 2011, which is now firmly in second place. According to StatCounter’s 2011 data, Internet Explorer currently has a 39% market share, Chrome is…

Google +

Google +

I think I’ll like Google+.


My NO-comment for today’s most discussed deal.