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Exconfig, A Configuration Cache For Elixir

Today, I wrote my fourth HEX-package and published it on “hex.pm”.

Elixir script the shell

I’m using Elixir as a scripting language for the shell

Command Line Pro Tip

Did you know that almost any shell uses the READLINE library? If using the command-line is part of your daily work you really should read Gnu Software Manual - Readline and get comfortable with it’s keys ;-)

CSS Variables

If you know me, you know I like to get rid of stuff, to keep things simple. And today I removed sass from my project. Thanks, Lea Verou for this brilliant talk.

The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

One of the best talks about programming languages I’ve seen this year.

Javascript, 23 Years A Nightmare

Yesterday I found this on twitter. 23 years of Javascript

04 Dec, 1995. Published in The Sentinel of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Bucketier, My First hex.pm Contribution

Today, I wrote my first HEX-package and published it on “hex.pm”. It is an extract of my daily work and was part of an “Umbrella-App” initially.

CSS Secrets

Pretty cool talk by Lea Verou

Allen Holub about "Frameworks"

Goodbye Tower :-(

Tower changed their pricing model 😢

Stop Writing Unused Code!

“Visual Studio is one of the single largest pieces of software in the world,” he (Chris Granger, a software developer who worked as a lead at Microsoft on Visual Studio) said. “It’s over 55 million lines of code. And one of the things that I found out in this study is more than 98 percent of it is completely irrelevant. All this work had been put into this thing, but it missed the fundamental problems that people faced.

Programmers, Do Proper Craft!

Yesterday (2018-03-20) I attended a seminar on regulations in medical software. It gave me heebie-jeebies because it’s obvious that Uncle Bob’s fears seem to become true: law and government will tell us how to do our profession. And gosh, what they are telling us is to go back 10 years. We should not be that passionate programmer and we should swap the two sides of the Agile Manifesto again. The right side really matters much more for them ;-(

Regulatory Demands

We, as software developers, will face more and more regulatory demands. Business, government, laws will tell us how to do our work.

thoughtworks new technology radar vol17 is

ThoughtWork’s new Technology Radar (Vol.17) is out. Always worth reading …

Elixir 1.5 Umbrella App With Phoenix And Elm

It took me some time to figure out how this combination works. Finally, it is rather easy.

Programming Elm # 5

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

More and more people in our industrie figure out what Leonardo Da Vinci already knows hundrets of years ago: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


Comming from a Ruby-background; after two years of enterprise Java, I have to make a decision. And what a fool I’m that this took me two years.

Deploying Elixir/Phoenix/Ecto/Postgres Project at AWS EC2

A short summary how to deploy a Phoenix-Project to an AWS-Instance

GraphQL & Elixir

GraphQL attracts me more and more. So, I just bought the (beta) book “Craft GraphQL APIs with Elixir and Absinthe” at “The Pragmatic Bookshelf”.

Next, I will figure out how to use GraphQL at the frontend with ELM fetching data from the Elixir backend. A combination I consider to be really faaaast and clear.



Trying Some Kotlin

Comming from a Ruby background, using Java at work can drive me crazy.

The Remote Dev's Friends

The tools and services I use

Yesterday, a friend asked me which tools to use when he is about to move from a cube-based job to a remote team. Here is what I'm using.



What else should a programmer do on a cloudy Sunday afternoon if not fiddle around with something new? So, since I’m practicing some functional stuff a while now (Elixir, Erlang, and Phoenix-Framework) I wonder if there is a good functional oriented frontend language for the browser. And of course, there is one: ELM-LANG



Ruby On The Command Line




ThoughtWorks Technology Radar

Sadly, many developers simply set up a CI server and falsely assume they are “doing CI” when in reality they miss out on all the benefits. Common failure modes include: running CI against a shared mainline but with infrequent commits, so integration isn’t really continuous; running a build with poor test coverage; allowing the build to stay red for long periods; or running CI against feature branches which results in continuous isolation. The ensuing “CI theatre” might make people feel good, but would fail any credible CI certification test.


Functional Programming in Erlang

Just signed up to this #freeonlinecourse ‘Functional Programming in Erlang’ by @UniKent @FutureLearn and looking forward to have fun and learn.

do you see whats wrong with java

do you see what’s wrong with Java?



ruby 2.2.5, OS X 10.11.6, json, SimpleCov, Mutant

Today when updating my ruby to 2.2.5 I faced some troubles with updating my bundle. The error was

Get rid of annotations, NOW

These days I struggled a lot with f*cking Java-annotations. I feel immediately that annotations do more harm than help. But how to explain it to my boss?


Node sounds like the german word “Not” and this means “distress”.

A Chat-App With Elixir

Do a chat-app with elixir and angular in less than an hour.

SAFe Is Fake

For me it’s clear: the industry –any industry– is the death of any good idea. Also, industry isn’t made to think about individuals.

Elixir Fountain 2016-01-08 Joe Armstrong

Elixir Fountain 2016-01-08 Joe Armstrong

“Java is not a programming language. … it’s an industry”

im now a certified scaled agilist

I’m now a certified “Scaled Agilist” http://scaledagileframework.com

between_screens : home

between_screens : home

Just discovered this page with a lot of interviews worth hearing … AvdiGrimm, JEGII, just to name two of them.

Elixir Repository/Gateway Implementation

Today I started an Elixir practicing project on Github, named ‘repox’.

/\ndy: The Failure of Agile

/\ndy: The Failure of Agile

I love long term progress … GWROWS

Kent Beck About Ease

Kent talking about ease

Define Motivations, Don’t Define Implementation"

Define Motivations, Don’t Define Implementation"

I just read that post from Alan Klement at Medium. IMHO this approach is worth giving it a try.

I Beleive In Nothing, I strongly do

I always declared myself agnostic but today Sandi Metz told me, I just beleive in Nothing ;-)

no title

I’m a big Docker fan and sure, I’m lazy too … like this talk…

Agile Architecture

Uncle Bob Agile Architecture course from Ative on Vimeo.

What are the secrets to constructing a great agile architecture for your systems?
In his course on the topic, the globally know agile expert, Robert C Martin AKA “Uncle Bob” explains the contents of his course on this, and how it will benefit your team.

He teaches this course in Copenhagen: see the full description here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin/agile-architecture-and-design.aspx

See his other courses and schedule here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin.aspx

no title

Uncle Bob on How to Build a Great Software Development Team

ruby hash vs rubytree i had to figure out what

Ruby hash vs. RubyTree

run rspec in vim

Latest OS X update did some harm to my environment and some gems stopped working. hapricot and vim-rspec was affected and I decide to implement the three commands I really need from vim-rspec myself.


Just published an example of a test-driven coffeescript-application. Using Jasmine and HTML5-Canvas.

Jasmine, TDD, Coffeescript

Jasmine, TDD, Coffeescript

coffeemine is a template to start with your Jasmine-driven Coffeescript application.

a tdd example of an objective c command line

A #TDD example of an Objective-C command line application.

no title

And the answer can be #OpenSource!

yarb yet another rails bootstrap follow the

YARB – Yet Another Rails Bootstrap

Coffeescript to generate a 'Page-Index' to H1 and H2

If you interpret markdown within your web-application and you’re using jQuery and coffeescript, you may use this Coffeescript to automatically generate a clickable index for the (markdown) page.

obsessed by ttd and clean coding this week i

Obsessed by TTD and Clean Coding. This week I received my Green Band from Uncle Bob ;)

Why Ruby?

I just found this quote on codinghorror …

YARB - Rails without ActiveRecord or any other ORM

YARB - Rails without ActiveRecord or any other ORM

It’s an experiment. In order to put the focus on your application and not on the framework or database you’re working with I want to implement a Rails starter app which doesn’t depend on a specific ORM.

#rails, #bootstap-sass and broken icons

As I did a bundle update yesterday, I broke bootstrap-icons.

TDD On Mondays

TDD I love to start a week with 100% specs passed. So, Tuesday is the bad day of the week.

Howto use #capybara-webkit #Rspec in #rails on Mac OS Lion

I just switched the capybara-driver from selenium to webkit in my Rails 3.2.2 application / WAT

can a rails bootstrap html output depend on the

Can a #rails #bootstrap html-output depend on the #ruby-version? No idea where this difference come from. The code is exactly the same. Ruby-version is the only difference. And yes, I did assets:precompile ;-)

i like simpleform and bootstrap d

I like #simple_form and #bootstrap :D

Hacking With Bootstrap

Weekend-hacking. bootstrap omniauth mongoid rails

#omniauth API-keys

Every time when I setting up a new website with #OmniAuth I do the same google-search over and over again to figure out where to generate my #API-Keys.

Quick'n'dirty rake-task to find undefined locale-keys

Defining new strings in locale-files is something I always fail to do immediately. Especially when starting a new app. Here is a quick and dirty solution to find t(:.....) in all files of a rails-project …

How David Demaree Work, Part 1: Ruby

Thank you, David Demaree, for this blog …






My Projects


Find my Github-projects here

Ruby On Rails

CBA, A Rails application template

Install, Run, Extend. Userauth, Blog, and Page is already there.


Linus Torwalds Interview

Linus Torwalds Interview

“Linus: … It’s still fun.´´

check out > jsFiddle - Online Editor for JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype....

check out > jsFiddle - Online Editor for JavaScript, jQuery, Prototype....

I like the idea to test js like this. I guess JSFiddle is worth keeping an eye on it.