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Elixir Conf ® 2018

I just registered for the ElixirConf 2018®. See you there! Conf

meet me at mongodblocal munich get insight into

Meet Me At MongoDB.local Munich

Work’n’Life - Meetups Linz

This week I did attend the kickoff meeting of Work'n'Life (like in Rock'n'Roll) at Factory 300 in Linz. The place (Tabakfabrik Linz) is gorgeous and the talks were impressive and very informative.

Glen Vanderburg – Real Software Engineering

Thank you, Chad Fowler @chadfowler for pointing to Glenn Vanderburg’s @glv update of his wonderful talk “Real Software Engineering”. I was fascinated by one of the early versions I saw at Rails Conf 2011 in Baltimore.



Kent Beck About Ease

Kent talking about ease

I Beleive In Nothing, I strongly do

I always declared myself agnostic but today Sandi Metz told me, I just beleive in Nothing ;-)

see you at kodio 2014 in linz

See you at Kod.io 2014 in Linz


This talk engaged me to think about how to talk and think about testing.

arrived in louisville at hard rock cafe

arrived in Louisville (at Hard Rock Cafe Louisville)




I’m here in Austin, TX for the RailsConf 2012. I spent the last two days walking around the town and all I can say is - Austin is music! And as we know from Frank Zappa, “… music is the best.”


A big hug to @tenderlove for so much fun watch you hacking! Inspired me a lot.


Good night. See you tomorrow? At #MongoMunich, 10gen/MongoMunich

Mongo Munich 2011

Mongo Munich 2011

October 10th Munich, Germany - Looking forward to next week Mongo-event.


Meet the WWEDU Developer Team

If you want to meet WWEDU’s developer team…

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

As our world goes all “Jetsons” the opportunity for people and businesses is to go all “flintstones”

Back to Austria

Back to Austria

I thought I’ll document RailsConf here but when I thought so, I didn’t know how exciting evenings and nights after each day would be :)

So, no more will come up on this site. But look at




My RailsConf journal

5/11 15:51 Leaving Home

5/11 15:51 Leaving Home

Leaving Linz - heading Munich - using ÖBB Railsjet 64

5/11. 17:02 Salzburg

5/11. 17:02 Salzburg

Linz -…

Preparing for RailsConf

Preparing for RailsConf

Rails is so boring easy nowadays !

rvm use 1.9.2

rvm gemset create rails31

rvm use 1.9.2@rails31

gem install rails –pre

rails new revolve

cd revolve


rails s

Screen shot 2011-05-10 at 21.14.41




Rails Conf 2011


On this page I will document my trip to Baltimore for the RailsConf2011

The conference will be from May 16-19 2011 in Baltimore, MD. Come back than to…

What's new in Baltimore?

What's new in Baltimore?

Meet me in Baltimore at the RailsConf 2011