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Calendar Notifications Pop Up Every Hour On Your Mac?

Annoyed by Mac OS repeating calendar notifications every hour even when you already dismissed them?

do you see whats wrong with java

do you see what’s wrong with Java?



ruby 2.2.5, OS X 10.11.6, json, SimpleCov, Mutant

Today when updating my ruby to 2.2.5 I faced some troubles with updating my bundle. The error was

Get rid of annotations, NOW

These days I struggled a lot with f*cking Java-annotations. I feel immediately that annotations do more harm than help. But how to explain it to my boss?

The Times they are a changin'

Isle Of Man TT


Node sounds like the german word “Not” and this means “distress”.

A Chat-App With Elixir

Do a chat-app with elixir and angular in less than an hour.

Jack Brabham

Windows Environment For A NonWin-Dev

Great news from Docker

today i gave my old macbook to my daughter and she

Today I gave my old macBook to my daughter and she removed all my stickers. Anyhow, I hacked so much beautyful code thus the “Hacking Beautyful Code”-sticker, I got from José Valim, will resist :)

SAFe Is Fake

For me it’s clear: the industry –any industry– is the death of any good idea. Also, industry isn’t made to think about individuals.


For the Vimnists out there …

back from a week in switzerland

Back from a week in Switzerland

Rules - Break Them!

Oh yes, don’t follow a rule without modifying it to fit your needs. And when a rule doesn’t fit a given context at all - break it.

metallic creatures invasion in gallneukirchen

Metallic Creatures Invasion in Gallneukirchen

new picture for the living room

New picture for the living room :)

my dear friend and soul mate it was such a

My dear friend and soul mate. It was such a pleasure being your friend. Rock In Peace.

Elixir Fountain 2016-01-08 Joe Armstrong

Elixir Fountain 2016-01-08 Joe Armstrong

“Java is not a programming language. … it’s an industry”