🏷 2015

im now a certified scaled agilist

I’m now a certified “Scaled Agilist” http://scaledagileframework.com

between_screens : home

between_screens : home

Just discovered this page with a lot of interviews worth hearing … AvdiGrimm, JEGII, just to name two of them.

Erlang Factory Interview

Interview ‘An Evening at Erlang Factory’

office pool open

Office Pool Open!

Elixir Repository/Gateway Implementation

Today I started an Elixir practicing project on Github, named ‘repox’.

Spinnerei Traun

Two notable gigs Spinnerei Traun

/\ndy: The Failure of Agile

/\ndy: The Failure of Agile

I love long term progress … GWROWS

Kent Beck About Ease

Kent talking about ease

Define Motivations, Don’t Define Implementation"

Define Motivations, Don’t Define Implementation"

I just read that post from Alan Klement at Medium. IMHO this approach is worth giving it a try.

I Beleive In Nothing, I strongly do

I always declared myself agnostic but today Sandi Metz told me, I just beleive in Nothing ;-)

no title

I’m a big Docker fan and sure, I’m lazy too … like this talk…

Agile Architecture

Uncle Bob Agile Architecture course from Ative on Vimeo.

What are the secrets to constructing a great agile architecture for your systems?
In his course on the topic, the globally know agile expert, Robert C Martin AKA “Uncle Bob” explains the contents of his course on this, and how it will benefit your team.

He teaches this course in Copenhagen: see the full description here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin/agile-architecture-and-design.aspx

See his other courses and schedule here: ative.dk/kalender/robert-c-martin.aspx