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WWEDU Is Hiring...

Are you a Ruby/Rails #Developer. Familiar with TDD, CleanCode, Git, Mac OS X, MongoDB? WWEDU, Austria is #hiring.

Richard David Precht: Vergesst das Wissen!

Richard David Precht: Vergesst das Wissen!

Very relevant thoughts about how #education should work. Including, we should not waste our schools and universities for boring stuff you better learn at home (using resources like the internet and distance learning) [German]

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And the answer can be #OpenSource!

asterix at book store

Asterix at  Book-store

Use Wiki through your DNS

Cool tool. BTW: Where is Gopher?

Tabs in Safari

My favorite browser for the last month (or was it years?) was Chrome. After upgrading to Maverick I read this Article about battery life and I switched back to Safari.

yarb yet another rails bootstrap follow the

YARB – Yet Another Rails Bootstrap

can technology solve our big problems a ted

Can Technology Solve Our Big Problems?

How to deal with tests when you extract a HelperClass from already covered classes

Moving the test too or leave them where they are. I have concerns with both. See this post how I solved my dilemma.

thank you tina the fastest and sweetest birthday

Thank you Tina! The fastest and sweetest birthday wishes ever :D

Coffeescript to generate a 'Page-Index' to H1 and H2

If you interpret markdown within your web-application and you’re using jQuery and coffeescript, you may use this Coffeescript to automatically generate a clickable index for the (markdown) page.

obsessed by ttd and clean coding this week i

Obsessed by TTD and Clean Coding. This week I received my Green Band from Uncle Bob ;)

Why Ruby?

I just found this quote on codinghorror …