🏷 2012

darts world champion ship started covered by

Darts World Champion Ship started. (Covered by Sport1 in EU)

arrived in louisville at hard rock cafe

arrived in Louisville (at Hard Rock Cafe Louisville)

extending summer on inzula

Extending Summer on Inzula

taken with instagram

Taken with Instagram

dutiful tina even if parents didnt wake up after

dutiful Tina. Even if parents didn’t wake up after a long night at TST :) (Taken with Instagram)

carolyn wonderland thesoundyheatre taken with

Carolyn Wonderland @ TheSoundyheatre (Taken with Instagram)

great product apple like painless installation

Great product. Apple-like, painless installation, easy to use, great results. http://inkling.wacom.com (Taken with Instagram)

taken with instagram at therailsprogrammingkitchen

Taken with Instagram at TheRailsProgrammingKitchen

taken with instagram

Taken with Instagram

to late taken with instagram

:( to late (Taken with Instagram)

taken with instagram

Taken with Instagram

white and orange roses taken with instagram

white and orange roses (Taken with instagram)

taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

im fliederbusch taken with instagram

Im Fliederbusch (Taken with instagram)

my favorite workplace taken with instagram

my favorite workplace (Taken with instagram)

all my secrets lost taken with instagram

All my secrets lost (Taken with instagram)

and go taken with instagram

and go (Taken with instagram)

taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

#rails, #bootstap-sass and broken icons

As I did a bundle update yesterday, I broke bootstrap-icons.

taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

its unpacked und voiiiiiigaaaaaaaaaaas

It’s unpacked ….




I’m here in Austin, TX for the RailsConf 2012. I spent the last two days walking around the town and all I can say is - Austin is music! And as we know from Frank Zappa, “… music is the best.”

TDD On Mondays

TDD I love to start a week with 100% specs passed. So, Tuesday is the bad day of the week.

Howto use #capybara-webkit #Rspec in #rails on Mac OS Lion

I just switched the capybara-driver from selenium to webkit in my Rails 3.2.2 application / WAT

can a rails bootstrap html output depend on the

Can a #rails #bootstrap html-output depend on the #ruby-version? No idea where this difference come from. The code is exactly the same. Ruby-version is the only difference. And yes, I did assets:precompile ;-)

Vernal Equinox

Happy Vernal Equinox everybody

i like simpleform and bootstrap d

I like #simple_form and #bootstrap :D



A.E.I.O.U. On Facebook

no title

Hacking With Bootstrap

Weekend-hacking. bootstrap omniauth mongoid rails

#omniauth API-keys

Every time when I setting up a new website with #OmniAuth I do the same google-search over and over again to figure out where to generate my #API-Keys.


A big hug to @tenderlove for so much fun watch you hacking! Inspired me a lot.

How David Demaree Work, Part 1: Ruby

Thank you, David Demaree, for this blog …

Awesome Bunny

My daughter :D

a watch i as a developer can read 1529

A watch I (as a developer) can read … 15:29 ;-)

find me now on aboutme

Find me now on about.me



Cool service and platform. See this interview with CEO Jeff Fluhr …

back home north side of the alps upper austria

Back home. North side of the Alps (Upper Austria, Bavaria)

the pool at the nicon luxury abuja nigeria

The pool at the Nicon Luxury, Abuja, Nigeria.

I'm so happy, my MacBook's HD crashed!

Now I’ve a 512GB SSD. That’s the pace I expect from my MacBook, wow!

Internet Explorer Still on Top, But Chrome Is Winning the Browser War

Internet Explorer Still on Top, But Chrome Is Winning the Browser War

Internet Explorer Still on Top, But Chrome Is Winning the Browser War
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still the world’s most popular browser, but it and Mozilla’s Firefox lost a lot of market share to Google’s Chrome in 2011, which is now firmly in second place. According to StatCounter’s 2011 data, Internet Explorer currently has a 39% market share, Chrome is…