I tried VimWiki for a few days and will continue using it for my personal notes and todos.

Since Vim is my ‘lifetime editor’, it’s more than obvious to use it also for none programming stuff.

Sure, I’m using other tools like Evernote and Wunderlist to prepare my work days and keep track of what is to do. Anyhow, I missed a way to write my “protocols” about what really was done. And here is where vimWiki comes in. It’s a perfect tool to prepare the upcomming day, write my minute notes, protocol and share it with my team by the blink of a keystroke.

VimWiki allows to navigate the pages while editing, the same way as navigating in the browser –where it, obviously looks nicer– and can be shared.

No fancy tools, just vim, ssh, and Python’s SimpleHTTPServer. Voila!